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So a friend turned up spontaneously earlier, so it and Roommate B are hanging out, while my new and adored JRPG idles. I did finish the plot—and oh god late last night I had a complete freak out. Stupid reason, really, and a lot of spoilers for the game, so I’ll just leave it for another day. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

(Let’s just say that I was wandering along playing the game, loving it, loving the way the scenes were unfolding—and then heard one word, did a knee-jerk, got a backstory, and had a minor breakdown.)

Instead, some more on The Laundry Files Campaign! )

Crap, it’s almost midnight, and I’m feeling too dizzy to do the housecleaning K promised. I’ll leave this story for an on-going thing, then. I am off to take refuge in sleep.
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Well then.

I am still lacking in inspiration, so I suppose I can spend some time today on tabletop campaigns. My house was supposed to play host to two campaigns, one Dresden Files and one Laundry Files. Sadly, I am/was the GM for the first one. That one had all three of my then-current roommates as players, although one moved away before we got started, and he Skyped in. I had a really bad fall that time, though, so that fell through. One day I’ll plot enough to do that properly. Bah, humbug.

(‘Skyped.’ ‘Googled.’ Once upon a time it was ‘phoned,’ I’m sure. Developments in the English language are fascinating, even if some of them make me want to kill people.

Playing at preventing Cthulhu summonings in Her Majesty's Occult Secret Service )

Cookies to the one who guesses which I play—but store-bought, it ain’t hard.
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Huh. I thought I had this written, and then it turned out I hadn’t. I suspect falling asleep before writing it and then hallucinating that I wrote it to be the culprit here.

Unfortunately, not a lot happened today... )

Sorry today’s post is a little minutiae-full and not as interesting as I’d like it to be. I guess it’s just kind of what happens when a day somehow vanishes without my understanding quite how.

(Side note: I am working to become a mastermind.)

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