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I was going to be far more competent with the entry-writing today than I am, and technically it’s the third and I’m therefore late, but it turns out that I was up until 06:30 this morning thanks to roommate rambling about the current LARP and then just came home from ten hours out with Araeph at The Hobbit and then dinner and drinks and endless conversation. I have therefore resigned from proper functionality or competence. Between not as much food as I should have had, two sidecars, some scotch, the cold, and much squee, my brain is frankly just not up to deep and serious introspection or whatever else I had planned.


It's like being Sheridan, only with justification! )

…Okay then. I am off to eat a slice of pie, have some scotch and then a cup of tea.

(I. Need. The Hobbit. Soundtrack.)
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In the trivial-minutiae update: Sleep schedules are really, really hard to manage. Blah.

To pick up where I left off yesterday... )

I still needed one other push to actually start this journal-blog-attempt, though. More on that—well, maybe not tomorrow. Tomorrow might be drowned in chatter about The Hobbit. We’ll see.

*This is a split infinitive I'm okay with using. I feel like I'll eventually end up doing a rant on this subject. Why, brain, why.
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My name is Lee, and this is my life.

(This is why I shouldn’t throw myself whole-heartedly into fandom: I pick up syntax. Once, when I was young, I watched the horrific old BBC versions of Narnia—yes, buck-toothed Lucy. My mother insists I spoke in a British accent for weeks. I’ll stop after this one, promise. Okay, realistically, probably not. But I’ll try.)

This idea has been kicking around in my head for a long time... )

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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