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Remember how I said the hard part was going to be keeping things up after that initial spike? I know myself pretty well. I’m starting to run into that problem, at least a little bit. Luckily I am still capable of forcing myself to write, even when my brain starts spouting things like “Eh, it’s all right, just take it easy and you’ll make up the words tomorrow.”

Of course, it’s not about full count of words, it’s about regularity. Getting that idea through my head will be hard. Maybe I’ll learn to stop procrastinating, though. That would be helpful for going back to school.

About that mandolin thing... )

Tomorrow, with any luck, I will have news of music and/or volunteer-sign-up responses. For now, let’s see if I can scrounge up something my stomach and brain will allow me to eat and then I will go smash cute Ghibli animated animals in the face. With a vengeance.

(Also, I need to straighten out my sleep. After mandolin and volunteer emails are sent, that’s next.)
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Apparently ‘per day’ means ‘per sleep cycle,’ due to the bizarreness of how my sleep is currently functioning. Then again, I’m not entirely sure when it has been regular any time in the last… what, two years, probably more? Maybe ever. I really do need to do something about this.

Most of my non-cleaning-time today was spent playing Ni no Kuni some more. It remains the epitome of A Tales-x-Pokémon game as done by Studio Ghibli, or else An Interactive Studio Ghibli movie as presented by Namco (à la Tales-x-Pokémon). Either way, it remains highly entertaining and, rather shockingly, non-trivial. Battles seem to remain interesting and difficult for longer periods of time. Not only that, but resources seem rarer and more expensive, and money isn’t as powerful as I’m quite used to/would like. All in all it’s really being a wonderful playing experience—and to think I’ve got… probably at least another four major dungeons left to go. It’s exciting.

I will be off at an open mic thing tonight, and as most of yesterday was spent asleep/feeling sick/etc, with some gaming thrown in, I will have another entry up once I have slept and had another ‘day.’

(Sadly, my schedule and the world’s are not aligning well yet. I’m working on it.)

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