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I woke up to the newest addition to the universe of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Being a Tuesday, it was a non-Lizzie video, now Gigi (god, poor Lydia). In a move I would normally regret in every possible way, I read the YouTube comments.

(I know, I know. Stupid.)

By some grace, however (possibly to ‘everyone knows it is a Pride and Prejudice adaptation’) most of the comments non-purely-fan-squeeing comments have at least general rationality about them. They bring up a lot of points about aspects of the writing and plot, including comments that have been made by the writers.

And I feel so terrible for writing so very little these last few days. I honestly couldn’t say if it’s just my immediately burning out on a project or the fact that my brain is baking in my skull. Either way, I’m going to just jot down a few things so I can remember to come back to it when I am slightly less… discombobulated:

- I have developed an Opinion of the long discussion about female sexual empowerment/victimization/how well or badly the LBD writers are handling the Lydia situation. Seeing as I don’t actually read what the writers discuss about it, this will be based entirely on my own observations from Pride and Prejudice and from the vlogs. But it’s a long enough discussion and a twitchy enough discussion I don’t feel like going into it right now.
- Some thoughts and feelings on Once Upon a Time, specifically Regina (no this is not unconnected). This one can probably wait until I have another dry spell, and one which I can’t quite support with idleness entirely.

In the mean time, I’m going off to try to make my brain stop cooking.
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So, that epic sluggishness and total lack of inspiration I have been attributing mostly to my predictable-in-several-ways drop-off in energy?

Last night, just after I’d closed the computer for the night and headed off to bed, my roommate got home and we instituted a House Cleaning. I had done some, and did a little more, but I was feeling light-headed and stuffy and just entirely off. Now, as a rule I run hot (somehow I need colder living environment than the others) but I was switching between that and freezing. ‘Oh well, it is winter,’ I thought. My roommate saw how I looked, told me to take it easier. I thought to myself, ‘huh, she was sick last week. Funny, that.’

Hah. Ha ha. Ha.

Yes, yes, I know. I should pay attention more often, but there you have it. It’s only a low-grade fever, and it’s not so bad. It does explain the lethargy and the greater-than-usual lack of appetite. Despite all that, I dragged myself out to lunch with K today (thankfully my ear-warming headband arrived before then, or it would have been painful). Better, only Roommate J’s boyfriend and two very dear friends turned up at our Monday Night In gathering, so I actually stayed in the living room and chatted with people till almost midnight.

As such, I am a little bit people’d out and my brain is still simmering. So I’ll just say ‘night for now.

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