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So, that epic sluggishness and total lack of inspiration I have been attributing mostly to my predictable-in-several-ways drop-off in energy?

Last night, just after I’d closed the computer for the night and headed off to bed, my roommate got home and we instituted a House Cleaning. I had done some, and did a little more, but I was feeling light-headed and stuffy and just entirely off. Now, as a rule I run hot (somehow I need colder living environment than the others) but I was switching between that and freezing. ‘Oh well, it is winter,’ I thought. My roommate saw how I looked, told me to take it easier. I thought to myself, ‘huh, she was sick last week. Funny, that.’

Hah. Ha ha. Ha.

Yes, yes, I know. I should pay attention more often, but there you have it. It’s only a low-grade fever, and it’s not so bad. It does explain the lethargy and the greater-than-usual lack of appetite. Despite all that, I dragged myself out to lunch with K today (thankfully my ear-warming headband arrived before then, or it would have been painful). Better, only Roommate J’s boyfriend and two very dear friends turned up at our Monday Night In gathering, so I actually stayed in the living room and chatted with people till almost midnight.

As such, I am a little bit people’d out and my brain is still simmering. So I’ll just say ‘night for now.
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So a friend turned up spontaneously earlier, so it and Roommate B are hanging out, while my new and adored JRPG idles. I did finish the plot—and oh god late last night I had a complete freak out. Stupid reason, really, and a lot of spoilers for the game, so I’ll just leave it for another day. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.

(Let’s just say that I was wandering along playing the game, loving it, loving the way the scenes were unfolding—and then heard one word, did a knee-jerk, got a backstory, and had a minor breakdown.)

Instead, some more on The Laundry Files Campaign! )

Crap, it’s almost midnight, and I’m feeling too dizzy to do the housecleaning K promised. I’ll leave this story for an on-going thing, then. I am off to take refuge in sleep.
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The world is white.

I love it just after a snowstorm.

Everything is so quiet and still in the immediate aftermath, and then just that slow awakening as people dig themselves out. And I know the latter is perverse, too, because all that ‘digging out’ isn’t even remotely romantic. The snowploughs came through, of course. It was kind of hilariously glorious, too, because this resulted in a pile of snow outside our house that was over six feet tall. I got a picture of my roommate and her boyfriend atop that pile.

I’d kind of intended to go out and do things today, mainly like play in the snow. But with the roads all stopped up, my ear-warming-headband-thing I’d ordered isn’t here, and I kind of don’t want to go out without it just yet.

And—I don’t know, guys. Sorry. I’m feeling really off. I’m just doing the ‘swore-I-wouldn’t-minutiae-out’ thing to make sure I actually keep in the writing habit. I think I’m just going to go play my JRPG some more. I’m getting suspicious of the plot progression.
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One of my friends has termed this storm ‘The Little Blizzard that Could.’ I’ll second this. My idea of blizzards, based entirely on my first three years here in New England, is of sheets of white and almost no visibility.

This one isn’t so much that, but it also isn’t in the swells and ebbs of those storms. It’s fairly constant, however. One of my roommates complained that the hard part was walking into the wind and the inability to see past his glasses. So roads are shut down, the world is going quiet, and all my roommates are in the living room and we’re just sitting all quietly.

I’m feeling under the weather (as it were), though. I’m not sure why.

Sorry, guys. This is not helping my vow to do this, I know. But I honestly can’t focus right now.

(Sadly, the roads closing did keep my ear-warming-headband thing from delivering today. Naturally it just missed the storm. Bah.)
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Well then.

I am still lacking in inspiration, so I suppose I can spend some time today on tabletop campaigns. My house was supposed to play host to two campaigns, one Dresden Files and one Laundry Files. Sadly, I am/was the GM for the first one. That one had all three of my then-current roommates as players, although one moved away before we got started, and he Skyped in. I had a really bad fall that time, though, so that fell through. One day I’ll plot enough to do that properly. Bah, humbug.

(‘Skyped.’ ‘Googled.’ Once upon a time it was ‘phoned,’ I’m sure. Developments in the English language are fascinating, even if some of them make me want to kill people.

Playing at preventing Cthulhu summonings in Her Majesty's Occult Secret Service )

Cookies to the one who guesses which I play—but store-bought, it ain’t hard.
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Things to stop doing: hallucinating writing this already due to some form of sleep oddity. Ugh.

As sure as I am of this, I am equally sure my accidental strategy of the day—‘stay awake to offset the oversleeping’—is almost certain to fail horribly. It usually does.

Unfortunately, of course, this leaves me with even less to say to the world today than yesterday. I suppose if I were more on top of my reading, literature and politics both, I wouldn’t have nearly as much of a problem with this as I am having right now. Such is life, however. (Arguably, ‘such is my lack-thereof.’) Either way, hopefully this will be over (until the next run-around through it…) within a few days.


My predictability aside, hopefully the advent of a blizzard this weekend (assuming it is that, I remain skeptical) will inspire enough creativity for me to actually write anything, let alone anything worthwhile.

So I think I’m out for now. It’s better than grasping at straws, neh?

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