Dec. 9th, 2013

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I failed to post on time, or keep up the daily--I told you I would. And yet, this did turn out to be a post on love.

An acquaintance of mine asked in the University Social Media, Not Quite Twitter/Plurk messaging system of those who follow their posts, ‘What does romantic relationship mean to you?’ I meant to just write a thing for her posts. It ended up so insanely long that I am posting it here instead. Because of the nature of the question, some of this will be my generalizations, while other parts will be what it means for me.

Somehow this turned into something of a ‘what should be required for it.’ I don’t know, I think I ended up missing the point, but this is stream of consciousness in how I answered. The tl;dr is at the end.

My interpretation as a 1-on-the-Kinsey-scale-emotionally heterosexual female (1.5 crushes on girls years ago) and hopeless romantic:

How do you measure? )

tl;dr: Trust, devotion, communication, willingness to fight, sharing, friendship, and for my view at least sex. To me, this makes up a romance.

I’ve gone on too long about this, so I’ll end here.

Maybe one day I’ll find a way to clean this up, make it more coherent. We’ll see.

(Side note: And now the question is making me think of the part on the Four Questions in the Haggadah…)

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