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Lee ([personal profile] inlovewithwords) wrote2013-02-09 07:38 pm
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Winter wonderland

The world is white.

I love it just after a snowstorm.

Everything is so quiet and still in the immediate aftermath, and then just that slow awakening as people dig themselves out. And I know the latter is perverse, too, because all that ‘digging out’ isn’t even remotely romantic. The snowploughs came through, of course. It was kind of hilariously glorious, too, because this resulted in a pile of snow outside our house that was over six feet tall. I got a picture of my roommate and her boyfriend atop that pile.

I’d kind of intended to go out and do things today, mainly like play in the snow. But with the roads all stopped up, my ear-warming-headband-thing I’d ordered isn’t here, and I kind of don’t want to go out without it just yet.

And—I don’t know, guys. Sorry. I’m feeling really off. I’m just doing the ‘swore-I-wouldn’t-minutiae-out’ thing to make sure I actually keep in the writing habit. I think I’m just going to go play my JRPG some more. I’m getting suspicious of the plot progression.

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