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Lee ([personal profile] inlovewithwords) wrote2013-02-08 11:15 pm

And it's beginning to snow

One of my friends has termed this storm ‘The Little Blizzard that Could.’ I’ll second this. My idea of blizzards, based entirely on my first three years here in New England, is of sheets of white and almost no visibility.

This one isn’t so much that, but it also isn’t in the swells and ebbs of those storms. It’s fairly constant, however. One of my roommates complained that the hard part was walking into the wind and the inability to see past his glasses. So roads are shut down, the world is going quiet, and all my roommates are in the living room and we’re just sitting all quietly.

I’m feeling under the weather (as it were), though. I’m not sure why.

Sorry, guys. This is not helping my vow to do this, I know. But I honestly can’t focus right now.

(Sadly, the roads closing did keep my ear-warming-headband thing from delivering today. Naturally it just missed the storm. Bah.)

[personal profile] sorrillia 2013-02-14 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
At the impromptu and possibly invalid Redwall dinner on Saturday, we named it "the acceptable blizzard", as in "Winter of the Acceptable Blizzard". (Last winter was "Winter of Insufficient Snow", so this seemed to follow....)

I think the last real blizzards I'd experienced were the Mid-Atlantic's 1993/1994/1996 ones, which seemed more impressively deep (because I was smaller and there was less-competent plowing). The other noticeable difference is that looking into the wind was a lot painful this time around because now I have glasses, so it doesn't involve high-velocity ice being blown into my eyes.