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Lee ([personal profile] inlovewithwords) wrote2013-02-07 10:28 pm

No lyrics today, sorry.

Well then.

I am still lacking in inspiration, so I suppose I can spend some time today on tabletop campaigns. My house was supposed to play host to two campaigns, one Dresden Files and one Laundry Files. Sadly, I am/was the GM for the first one. That one had all three of my then-current roommates as players, although one moved away before we got started, and he Skyped in. I had a really bad fall that time, though, so that fell through. One day I’ll plot enough to do that properly. Bah, humbug.

(‘Skyped.’ ‘Googled.’ Once upon a time it was ‘phoned,’ I’m sure. Developments in the English language are fascinating, even if some of them make me want to kill people.

The Laundry Files campaign, by contrast, just never got started until a few months back. Roommate K GMs that one, and both Roommate B and I are players. The three of us—K, B, and I—are the ones who have lived in our flat since we got it, and have referred to ourselves as the ‘homebodies.’ We also have a former roommate P in the campaign, the GM of the Exalted campaign I was in (A), a dear friend, and another friend who moved off to another state. He Skypes in, too. We also have a spare character for people who want to visit, and another spare who actually follows the party a reasonable amount of the time (except when we ditch him, derp).

For anyone who bothers to read this who isn’t familiar with the universe: British Civil Servants use mathematics, programming, and physics to do magic in a Lovecraftian universe. For the purposes of the campaign, we are all playing brand-new employees at The Laundry (the name of the Occult Secret Service, Bond’s got nothing on these guys okay).

Seeing as a party needs some diversity and skills, we have: a hyper-paranoid-about-the-Black-Chamber Counter-Possession guy (the Black Chamber is the American occult intelligence agency) who drives everyone absolutely insane, a hacker and former spy-ish in Occult Forensics whose ‘class type’ in this system is ‘Slacker’ and oh wow both player and character live up to it; a former cult-raised-child now grown in Translations, with a ridiculous paranoia about Law of Contagion and people using hair clippings and stuff for control; a Deep One hybrid-descended lawyer who is the least intelligent and most brute-force-ish of the party; a Scottish girl with a major chip on her shoulder and a background in mathematics, stuck in Counter-Possession; the obliviously crazed physics student kid of a pair of Laundry HR employees in R&D who seems incapable of realizing when he has a Bad Idea; and a former game programmer now in Computational Demonology.

Cookies to the one who guesses which I play—but store-bought, it ain’t hard.