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Lee ([personal profile] inlovewithwords) wrote2013-01-29 07:05 pm

Creation is the limit of imagination

I’m giving this ‘has a blog-journal’ thing another go.

I am thoroughly—even painfully—aware that I am unlikely to make it work. There are any number of reasons (first and foremost, of course, being empirical evidence). But it has been repeatedly observed that I work best with a schedule, and maybe if I can actually force myself to write a little every day, non-attempt-at-fiction, it’ll help my brain.

This was not my idea, originally. I got a journal partly to play with, post and share writing with, and mostly to follow the lead of a loved one. Once that wasn’t a concern, my regularity eventually dropped off. I haven't posted in something approaching two years, and then mere trivialities. This time it needs to be for me. I am known among my friends for my loquaciousness, not being afraid to say what I think, and (if I’m in the mood) refusing to let go of an argument until I win or it dies a savage, bloody death. I’m not sure why I don’t write, ‘speak’ all those random thoughts ‘out loud,’ as it were. Maybe I should.

So these entries will be all over the place, some daily minutiae, some Thinky Thoughts, some fandom flailing, some RP and/or writing thoughts, LARPing and tabletop stories, maybe book or movie reviews (‘fandom flailing’), hopefully some personal growth, some politics or philosophy or mathematics or what have you, some more emotional stuff.

A policy I instituted when I dealt with the other (at least, after some point, I forget when exactly) was a refusal to use filters. I’m no hacker, but I’ve heard it’s pretty easy to crack these things, but that doesn’t exactly matter. I know how word of mouth/Twitter/DW-or-LJ/Plurk/FailFacebook/chat client of choice works. Unless I really have something I would rather keep to a list of people I at least vaguely know (i.e., very TMI topics), I won’t use filters.

Comments on this post, however, are filtered. As this is my explanatory sticky-post, if you want to get in touch with me or friend the journal, this is the place to do it.

Yes, it's lacking in previous entries. I'll keep an archive; ask if you want to see it. But I want a clean slate.

I was recently inducted into love of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, so that tag-line is on my brain.

My name is Lee, and these are my rambling thoughts.